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House painter serving Westerly, Watch Hill, Weekapaug, Avondale, Shelter Harbor, Quonochontaug, Charlestown, RI and Stonington, CT

A Woman-owned Business




Pressure Washing


Plaster/Drywall Repair


I have loved South County, Rhode Island (around Westerly, Charlestown, Quonochontaug, Shelter Harbor, Watch Hill, etc.) since the first moment I set eyes on it in 1966. I grew up spending summers at Quonochontaug, and returned to live here in 1994.

path to the beach

bringing up a shutter

a beautiful local beach

House painter's respite

Sue Miller goes to great heights to put on the finishing touches.

Large or small, your home is your oasis


My experience in house painting goes back decades. I have worked for and learned from some of the best quality house painters, and owe much of my knowledge to them. In the Westerly area, I formed my own company, which did house painting and participated in restoration for a number of years, taking on the name of Surfside Painting in the spring of 2006


stacking ladders

touching up Surfside's sign

Sue stacks ladders at the end of the day, with crew member ready to assist.

Sue touches up Surfside's sign.

 (Note phone number is now 401-207-2719)

Surfside's truck brings equipment and workers to the job. 

(Note phone number is now 401-207-2719)


My Mom had her own business and my Dad was an industrial arts teacher. They were also antique dealers, renovating and refinishing many pieces. I learned so much from both of them, and that shows in my work. I really became very good at understanding the restoration of wood surfaces and how to treat moldings and casements, which has really helped me in the house painting business. They also taught me the importance of delivering quality and showed me how to achieve that high level of quality.


Sue applies base coat of plaster

stairwell-spot primed

stairwell finished

Sue applies base coat of plaster.

Stairwell has been spot primed. Woodwork is carefully masked.

Same stairwell finished with a smooth coat of paint.


I'm a perfectionist with a paintbrush. I see my work as the sum of each small part, and give each of those small parts the care and attention they deserve. The end result is a job that looks great, endures, and represents a quality Surfside Painting strives to achieve. I like to take something in disrepair and restore its beauty, making it comfortable and enjoyable to live in.


prepped window

window finished

on ladder

Peeling paint has been scraped and sanded.

Same window finished.

A crew member does prep work.



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