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House painter serving Westerly, Watch Hill, Weekapaug, Avondale, Shelter Harbor, Quonochontaug, Charlestown, RI and Stonington, CT

A Woman-owned Business



Pressure Washing


Plaster/Drywall Repair



Surfside Painting's attention to detail gives a beautiful finish to interior painting. Careful prep work, a prime coat and two top coats result in even color, a velvet finish and neat, crisp woodwork.


fresh paint


fresh, crisp woodwork

Fresh paint makes a room comfortable and inviting.

Spotless stairway.

Careful prep work results in crisp woodwork.


Neatness counts! At woman-owned Surfside Painting we respect your home. Furniture is protected by drop clothes. Fine woodwork is masked off so that paint goes only where it's supposed to. Tool storage area is kept neat.


dropcloths on furniture

woodwork masked


Plastic and drop cloths protect furniture and floor.

Woodwork is masked and carpets covered with drop cloths. Edges of white woodwork are not yet cut in.

Supplies and tools are contained in an orderly fashion.


Preparation is key to a superior house painting job. The hours of prep work give the finish that finished look. At Surfside Painting, we like to do a thorough job, with attention to detail. We scrape, repair and sand until it's smooth, then put it back together with attention to every step.


wall before work began

wall repaired and smoothed

dormer wall finished

A cold dismal room with battered walls, chipped paint on woodwork and windows and crumbling cork boards.

Large corkboards have been removed and the walls have been skim coated with plaster and sanded smooth, ready to be primed.

Same room, with the velvet finish of two top coats over a prime coat, is now an inviting sitting room.


After meticulous prep work, we apply primer and two top coats. The primer seals and allows the first top coat to adhere. The second top coat gives the room a finished, complete look, with smooth even color and texture. Double priming may be needed in some circumstances, such as when changing colors, or when the walls are very dry. A third top coat is sometimes needed when changing to a darker color. If you need a house painter to turn your rooms into a beautiful retreat, call Surfside Painting.


bay window

finished living room

screened porch

Bay window is painted. Final coat on walls is still to come - note overlapping edges of white trim paint, ensuring a seamless skin of paint.

Room is transformed from dark and discouraging to a lovely place to spend time.

Screened porch is now an inviting outdoor living space.



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