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Plaster/Drywall Repair

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Pressure washing is an important part of prep work. Primer adheres much better to a pressure washed surface, adding to the longevity of a paint job.

Sue pressure washes a deck.

The result is a renewed surface.

The finished deck is ready to enjoy.

Invisible mildew spores grow on the outer walls and trim of houses. Mildew is a mold, and appears as a dirty-looking grey fungus discoloration, turning darker as it grows. It feeds on oil, such as in oil-dipped shingles or oil based wood finishes. If it is painted over, the spores will keep growing and the mildew will come through the new paint. Pressure washing and using a mildewcide/ cleaning solution removes even the deepest layers of spores so that new paint stays cleaner and lasts longer.


Before pressure washing, vinyl siding is dirty and discolored.

Siding has been pressure washed, shutters and trim painted. House is renewed.

"Power washing" is not pressure washing. Power washing is done with an electric machine, with less pressure than the gasoline-driven pressure washer. Surfside Painting uses a pressure washer for faster, more thorough cleaning. It propels water and cleaning solution out under more pressure than the power washer can provide.

Power washers are great for cars. Pressure washers do a better job on houses and decks.

Pressure washing is an art. Watch an experienced pressure washer like Sue Miller and you will see a dance, feathering the stroke with the grain, so that the finished work is smooth and even. Small areas and shingles are cleaned gently and safely.

Pressure washing provides a clean surface for stain to stick to, and allows stain to be a true and uniform color.

The store is handsome in its new stain.


The body of the store is finished with a semi-transparent stain, the woodwork with a solid stain.


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